Come train with us!

Who are we?

Gladiolus School of Arms is a beginner-friendly historical martial arts (HEMA) training group in the Helsinki/Espoo area. We study Fiore dei Liberi's system, including abrazare, dagger and longsword. 

Olemme Helsingin ja Espoon alueella toimiva aloittelijaystävällinen historiallisen miekkailun treeniryhmä. Tervetuloa harjoittelemaan Fiore dei Liberin pitkäämiekkaa, tikaria ja aseetonta taistelua kanssamme kaksi kertaa viikossa!

E-mail gladiolusschool [at]

Training times

Price 10 €/class for non-members. (Are you a member of SHMS? Your training fee also covers our classes!)

Both beginners and more advanced practitioners are welcome. Read more about our training ->

By showing up for training, you're agreeing to uphold our Code of Conduct, so please read it first.

What we do

We train to understand and learn the art of medieval personal combat in its context, using historical sources and physical practice. Our goal is to reconstruct the martial arts systems in late medieval and early Renaissance Europe. And to have enormous fun doing it!

Miksi englanniksi?

Puhumme toki suomeakin! Vakioporukassa sattuu olemaan monta englanninkielistä, joten tunnit pidetään yleensä englanniksi. Huolehdimme kuitenkin siitä, että kaikki tajuavat mitä ollaan tekemässä, ja vaihdamme kieltä tarpeen mukaan.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter, too! The Facebook group has all the training sessions as events, so please join.

Actual quotes from training

  • "That was fun!"
  • "Can we keep going for a few minutes? I want to get this right."
  • "Yessss!"
  • "Well done, both of you, that was really clean and effective."
  • "So the footwork's like the steps we practiced at the start? Wow, it's almost as if someone had planned this!"
  • "Am I doing the tra-volta stabile again?"
  • "That was really good advice, I'm getting the elbow lock to work now."